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Faculty and Research Staff

  • Stan Woosley - Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, PI of SciDAC grant. Working on presupernova evolution, nucleosynthesis, and models for Type Ia supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and x-ray bursts.

  • Gary Glatzmaier - Professor of Earth Sciences. Director, Center for the Origin and Dynamical Evolution of Planets (CODEP). Working on develpment and augmentations to his 3D, MHD anelastic hydrodynamics code to study stellar evolution, nuclear runaways,and stellar rotation and magnetic fields.

  • Shawfeng Dong - Associate Project Scientist.

  • John Bell - Development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations arising in science and engineering. General topics in scientific computing, computational physics, and fluid dynamics.

  • Ann Almgren - Low Mach number modeling of Type Ia Supernovae. And more generally, adaptive projection methods for incompressible and low Mach number flows.

  • Andy Nonaka

  • Peter Nugent - Staff Scientist.

  • Weiqun Zhang - Staff.

  • Rob Hoffman - Staff member N-Division, LLNL Working on nucleosynthesis calculations and standardization of nuclear reaction rates for machine usage. Also on studies of the r- and s-process.

  • Louis Howell - Staff member. Working on radiation transport.

  • Jay Salmonson - Physicist, AX-Division, LLNL. Working on relativistic hydrodynamics, especially for gamma-ray burst models.

  • Mike Zingale - Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy. co-author Univ Chicago FLASH code. Working on turbulent combustion, Type Ia supernovae, x-ray bursts and low Mach number code development.

U Minn
  • Alex Heger - Associate Professor of Physics. stellar evolution, nuclear astrophysics, first stars, supernovae, neutron stars.

  • Adam Burrows - Professor of Astrophysics. Supernovae, Brown dwarf, Giant planet.




U Minn

Close Collaborators

  • Alan Kerstein - Technical Staff. Working on Reacting Flow Research

  • Christian Ott - Assistant Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics